Our Mission and Vision

Local Decisions · Tailored Solutions


BloomBank shall be recognized as the best bank in central and southwestern Indiana: the unquestionable first choice of all potential customers and the employer of choice for all potential employees.


BloomBank shall provide excellent service by stressing personal attention to our customers, by offering innovative products and services, and by employing a staff that is well trained in customer service and the bank’s products.

BloomBank shall be an excellent employer, encouraging employee growth and development by challenging employees to share in management and leadership. The bank staff will be encouraged to become innovative thinkers and take ownership and accountability for job performance.

BloomBank shall deliver on our slogan “Local Decisions, Tailored Solutions”.


BloomBank shall seek out any and all opportunities which enhance its ability to compete in the ever-changing financial services industry. This means that BloomBank may seek vertical or horizontal alliances, which reduce cost and enhance profitability while stressing customer satisfaction and maintaining a rewarding place to work for our employees.


BloomBank shall manage $400 million dollars in assets by the year 2017.


As its core line of business, BloomBank shall seek out and lend to all qualified candidate accounts and shall seek out all types of desirable depository accounts. The types of accounts desired are those that result in a relationship rather than those which are purely transactional in nature.