To access Mobile Banking, you will need an activation code that you can get by registering your device in Online Banking.

You can find the Mobile Banking option under the 'Administration' tab.

A new window will appear. Enter your mobile number and Carrier (see notes below about Tablets and other devices).

Note: If you are using an Android Tablet /iPod Touch that does not have a phone number associated with it, use your home phone as the phone number and choose 'Other' as Carrier. If you are using an iPad, select the 'iPad Device' option and provide an email address you want to register to your iPad, you will then be provided an activation code you will enter with your email address on our iPad app.

Please note, at this time, a device can only be tied to one Online Banking profile/login. You will receive a message that the number is already enrolled if it's tied to another Online Banking profile.

A new screen will appear once you accept the terms and conditions and continue. This screen will give you the activation code needed. Please note this number, you will need it to activate text/mobile web/mobile app services. This page also gives you the next steps you need to complete.

If you subscribed to text banking, you will receive a text on your mobile device. You will need to respond to this text with the activation code to activate text banking. After having activation code, download the mobile app or browse to to view our mobile website.

Blackberry users: If Mobile App is available for your device, you will see a 'Download Application' button on the website. Our app does not appear in the Blackberry App Store.

When you first launch the mobile website or Mobile App, you will be prompted for an Activation code. Click 'I Have One'.

You will be prompted to enter your activation code and mobile number (home number on tablets or other devices without cellular number).

Click Submit

Once you click Next, you'll be taken into the Mobile Website or Mobile App

Questions? Please email us at, call us at 800-319-6110, or visit your local branch.